Sunday, January 20, 2008

F4 Stamping Session held January 20, 2008 News Clip

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F4 Stamping Session held January 20, 2008

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F4 Mini Concert Photos held January 19, 2008

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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

BOF Filming Photos

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Vanness And Bernice 'Just Do It'

15 January 2008
Tammy Ly

Vanness Wu (吴建豪) and Bernice Liu (廖碧兒) appeared at a Nike promotional event at APM today.

Vanness revealed that he took on the role of director for the first time when filming the music video for his upcoming single "She's not Sorry". Bernice too, has a role in the music video.

Recently, Vic Chou (周渝民), through his manager, announced his separation from girlfriend Barbie Tsui (徐熙媛). Although being one of Vic's JVKV bandmates and good friends, Vanness admitted that he did not know of the news, because they had not been in contact lately, but said that when he returns to Taiwan, he will contact Vic.

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- CHULIUXIANG: A LEGENDARY KNIGHT is the 1st big tv-series of cctv for the new year. In the film KEN CHU has many emotional moments with liuwumei played by mutingting. When asked on how she felt working with KEN, she said: “he is my senior, he is also everyone’s idol, I have yet to learn a lot from him…”
Source: 2007-12-12

during the clx Guangzhou presscon, cuipeng (wuhua in the series) praised ken for being strong amidst all the negative comments being hurled at him as clx. He said he admires ken. “kens dad passed away while we were filming, its really devastating for anyone, but he was strong enough to finish filming, and now even has to face all these arguments… KEN is indeed a stong man. I can understand his feelings because I went thru a similar situation before, I don’t know how I survived…”
source: 2007-12-21

KEN CHU faces the music and tells the reason behind his accepting the role of chuliuxiang in this exclusive video:

source: 2007-12-12

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